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PTS Pulp Symposium 2021

Bringing together the latest developments in fibre research

Keynotes, Networking & interesting Lectures - Program 2021!

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Tuesday, 23.11.2021


08:45Admission of participants
09:00Start of day 1 – Welcome & Introduction

“CO2 Neutral Pulp & Paper Industries in 2040“
Daniel Stegmann – Uniper SE

10:00“How are future material developments influenced by recent legislation like SUPD?“
Dr. Martin Zahel – Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
10:30Coffee Break
11:00“Transformative Implications of Reducing the Carbon Footprint of the Paper Industry”
Christine Lu – Fisher International
11:30“Industrial Site Symbioses - On the Benefits of Integrating Power-to-X Technologies in Pulp Mills“
Daniel Klüh, Frank Wegener, Matthias Gaderer – TU Munich, Zellstoff Stendal GmbH
12:00Expert Talk Bioeconomy
12:30 Lunch Break
SessionNew Fibre Products - sponsored by
13:30“Silphie Fibers - The New Alternative on the Raw Material Market”
Julian Pflieger – OutNature GmbH
13:45“New Approaches in Cellulose Based Strength Additives“
Jonas Konn, Jan-Luiken Hemmes – Kemira Oyj
14:15“PCC-functionalized nanocellulose composites in production and application”
Birgit Lutsch – Papiertechnische Stiftung
14:45Coffee Break
15:15“Manufacturing of injection moldable cellulose-based composites with two-step extrusion“
Yuanxi Liu - TU Dresden, Robert Kupfer -ILK & Dr. Alexander Feldner - Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
15:45“NOVUM Project: Cellulose-based material for 3D printing“
Sascha Galic – J. Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH + Co KG
16:15Expert Talk New Fibre Products
16:30End of Day 1





Wednesday, 24.11.2021


08:45Admission of participants
09:00Start of day 2 – Welcome & Introduction
09:15“Outlook for new fibre raw materials for packaging in the coming years“
Peter Désilets – pacoon GmbH
SessionProcess Innovations
10:00“Online measurement technology for real-time analysis of industrial process suspensions”
Johannes Holubec – Pixact
10:30“EcoBright - A Bleaching Technology Reducing the Environmental Impact”
Peter Biza – Imerys S.A.
11:00Coffee Break
11:30“Enhancing dry and wet strength of paper by fibre engineering“
Dr. Alexander Feldner – Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
12:00“The complex interplay of fluid dynamics and poly sugars in paper fibers“
Tobias Meckel – TU Darmstadt
12:30Expert Talk Process Innovations
13:00Lunch Break
SessionFibre Forming
14:00“Kiefel Natureformer development - Three years from the Idea to more than 100 production machines for molded fiber products”
Matthias Hausmann, Richard Hagenauer – Kiefel GmbH
14:30"Disrupting the way sustainable packaging is made with HP Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution"
John Briden – HP Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution
15:00Expert Talk Fibre Forming
15:30End of Day 2



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